Stunt performance retargeted live from Optitrack Motive to Motionbuilder, then streamed live to a remote Unreal Engine session, where the performance was viewed and recorded live by a previs team on a Maggie Gyllenhaal directed feature film in New York.

This is advantageous for many reasons, the main being that a remote client can view and direct actors while also receiving a real-time solve of the motion capture on their character in Unreal, which can be recorded using Take Recorder.

This allows for immediate camera and blocking layout in UE, while a cleaned version of the retarget is underway. The final retarget can then swap out the real-time version in Unreal Engine's sequencer.

Upon wrap of motion capture, client had all real-time quality takes saved in their project file, while in the meantime we were given a list of their selects to clean, solve, and retarget for final.

Pre-approved characters were provided to the mocap stage, in this case a Metahuman, and was prepared in advance for the shoot day. A plugin was provided to client to would allow them to access the live data stream.

On capture day, live video conference enabled director to speak with their actors and stage techs. Client was able to receive the data into their project and record using Take Recorder.

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory