"GWEN Vs. Bread 2: Rise of Bread Man" - case study

Motion capture of a 5-page comedic fan fiction sketch set in a NY city bakery with Spider Gwen.

Pipeline included Optitrack Motive, Motionbuilder, Blender, and Unreal Engine. Final edit and audio mixed in Davinci Resolve.

Basic retargeting done in Motionbuilder for preferred takes. Camera shot layout completed in Unreal Engine, with multiple camera angles rendered from each sequence to provide coverage. Rough layout in Davinci resolve with audio.

Set design and initial level block out done in Unreal Engine. Characters acquired from the marketplace.

One 5-hour stage motion capture day with stuntwoman Thelma Hutyrova. Sketch was broken down into 5 major beats. The Peel VCam was used to get realtime shot feedback from engine. Realtime streamed from Motive to Motionbuilder to Unreal.

Based one camera lock, bread meshes animated to match choreographed fight sequence. In an economy of time, physics-based blueprint created to spawn launching bread to fill background.

FLIP Liquids plugin used in Blender to create fluid simulations from animated fbx files from Unreal, and imported as alembics.

Final rendered sequences exported to Davinci Resolve, where final audio and foley were completed.

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory